5 Must-Try Essential Oils

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Many essential oils have an aroma that’s soothing, but they are also used for many other purposes. Here are five essential oils that you may find useful.

As with all essential oils, none of the oils mentioned in this post should be taken internally, even though you may see this recommended elsewhere. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause permanent damage if used in this way, even if you think you have diluted them. Be safe and use them as intended, in massage blends and diffusers, and keep them out of the reach of children at all times.

Lemon (Citrus limon)

lemonLemon is one of the most effective essential oils, and can be used for many purposes. It’s also one of the few essential oils that is safe to use without dilution. Use it straight out of the bottle on a finger or cotton bud to treat boils, cold sores (fever blisters/HSV) and verrucas (plantar warts). Blend with a carrier oil for skin care, to tone and condition nails and to bleach discoloured skin.

Lemon oil can also be mixed with aloe gel to create a hand sanitizer. Moreover, lemon oil added to shampoo can help alleviate dandruff. However, keep in mind that lemon essential oil can make your skin photosensitive. Therefore, avoid contact with sunlight or tanning beds after applying it to your body.

Lemon essential oil can also be used around the home. For example, mix a few drops of lemon essential oil with olive oil to make a cost-effective furniture polish.


Peppermint (Mentha piperita)

peppermintMake a blend of peppermint essential oil with your favourite carrier oil or add a few drops to the bath to treat acne, dermatitis, indigestion and flatulence (gas or wind), itchy skin, muscle pain and neuralgia. It’s also helpful in an oil burner or electric diffuser for relieving respiratory conditions like coughs and colds.

Peppermint essential oil can also be mixed with eucalyptus and a carrier oil to relieve congestion. You need to apply the mixture over your chest. Another way you can use it is to add peppermint oil to a bowl of water to relax tired feet. It is also an effective essential oil to eliminate odour.

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

clovesClove essential oil is used to treat minor dental problems like toothache. It’s best left to professionals apart from this use. However, if you want to use it at home, you can diffuse the oil in various rooms to repel mosquitoes and flies.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

tea-treeTea tree oil can be used to treat many common ailments. It’s another oil that can be used straight out of the bottle – in fact, that’s the way most people use it all the time.

You can use it to treat boils, psoriasis, eczema, athlete’s foot, cold sores, nail fungus, insect bites and warts. In addition, you can add tea tree drops to a shampoo to get rid of dandruff.

I regard tea tree oil as essential first aid for any skin condition, whether caused by bacteria, viruses or a fungal infection. Many people use tea tree oil without realising they’re using an aromatherapy product.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

lavenderLavender essential oil is used for health and homecare purposes. Like lemon, it’s safe to use without dilution. It is a versatile essential oil, which is used in blends to improve acne, insect bites and rashes but its most important use is to treat burns. Apply straight from the bottle on a finger or cotton wool ball to the burn and surrounding area, several times a day if you need to.

Lavender oil in a burner or electric diffuser helps relax an anxious mind, promote sleep and relieve headaches.

Lavender oil can also be added to a paste of baking soda and water to make an underarm deodorant. Furthermore, you can add a few drops of lavender oil to your laundry to eliminate odors from sweaty clothes.

Unfortunately, recent research has found that regular use of tea tree and lavender oils in boys before puberty can lead to gynecomastia (breast enlargement) and can interfere with their sexual development [source]. The same thing can occur in adult males, but with less serious effects, since their sexual characteristics are already established. It’s therefore advisable to restrict use of the oils and products (eg. shampoo) that contain either of these oils for boys except in occasional emergency situations.

These are the best essential oils that you must try today to treat a variety of common issues. I offer an extensive selection of essential oils in my online shop.

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