Buy Your Favourites and Get a 10% discount

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Favourites are marked with a red heart

I’m really excited to be able to announce my new Favourites system.

This lets you (and me) save the things you’d like to buy at some point whether for a gift, or just for your own use.

Your favourites will show up in every list of products with a pretty purple heart. Items you haven’t favourited have a grey heart. Just click on the heart on any item to add or remove that item from your favourites. It’s maybe a little hard to see on the image above, so I’ve added a border to show the items on this (essential oils) page that are in my favourites.

My favourites

View all your favourites together

Everyone who uses your computer can have a different set of favourites, if they want, and they can access them from any device at any time, simply by signing in.

You can also view all your favourites at once by selecting My Favourites just above the navigation bar:

The other reason for signing in is that you will get a 10% discount on every item that you add to the cart. If you add stuff before signing in, this discount won’t happen.

Every week on Friday (if there’s any news), I’ll sent you an email with details of new products, competitions, new posts and an early warning for upcoming events like Mother’s Day.

So. That’s my announcement done. Hope you like it.

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