I’ve done a bit of a revamp



Happy New Year! I’m excited and pleased to tell you that Frann’s Alt.Health Shop has been updated and improved. Just a little bit.

I’ve changed some of the pages, dropping the Herbs section and moving the items from there to 2 separate places:
Herbal Tinctures is now in the Remedies section
Herb Teas has been split into:
Infusions, in the Remedies section, and
Herbal Teas, which are now on the Drinks page, in the Food and Drinks section

Herbal Powders is now only in the Powders section.

I’ve also added some new pages:
Bach Flower Remedies (in Remedies, as you might expect)
Super & Wholefoods (in Food and Drinks), and
FairTrade in a section all of its own.

I’m sorry all this took so long, but I hope the results are worthwhile.

Frann’s Alt.Health Shop is live

Screenshot from 2015-11-05 18:36:25

My shopfront

The launch seems to have gone well. No major crashes reported and a few compliments have reached me, which is nice.I’m also pleased to hear that quite a few people have decided to have firework parties to celebrate the launch. Really, that’s so kind :)If you haven’t had a chance to drop in yet, or you didn’t know about it, please pop over whenever you’re ready. I’d love to hear your comments.frann

I’m getting excited


What do you think of it so far?

I’ve been keeping it quiet, but recently I’ve been very busy getting a new online shop ready…

Frann’s Alt.Health Shop will start off selling herbs and herbal products. We hope to branch out into aromatherapy in the near future, and possibly supplements at some point.

The new shop will be opening for business in just a few days…

Watch this space!