Constipation Remedies for Quick Relief and Long Term Control

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Beat constipation the natural way

Although constipation is something people don’t generally talk about, and may even be the subject of humour, it’s no joke. Mild constipation is easily dealt with, but severe blockage (or faecal impaction) can be dangerous and if you can’t sort it out, will require urgent medical attention.

Links to all the recommended remedies are at the end.

If you’re suffering from acute severe constipation, you don’t have time to add enough fibre to deal with it in the long term (that’s for later), and you absolutely have to get rid of the blockage right now, or as quickly as possible, you need the type of constipation remedy called a purgative. Otherwise one of the milder remedies for constipation will most likely meet your needs.

Quick Fix

A purgative is a very strong laxative, suitable only for occasional use when the situation is serious. It will completely empty your bowels, and there may well be cramping pains as the process takes place. Stay near a toilet once you’ve taken these until you’re sure the problem has been completely eliminated! I recommend LAXPure Rapid capsules, but if you prefer a single herb, you might choose Aloe vera or Cascara Sagrada.

Milder Solutions

If you just want a good general laxative, there are a number of these, including Cassilax®, Cleansing Herbs, Cleansing Herb tablets, Col-Flush Ultra Capsules, Col-Flush Vegecaps, Consti-Cleanse Extreme Powder, Oxy Kalm Cleanser Vegecaps and Oxy Powder Capsules. If you prefer single herbs choose from liquorice root and Manna Fig Syrup.

Please note that whether you’re using a mild laxative or a stronger purgative, treatment should never be continued for longer than 7 days, and if the problem isn’t solved by then, you need to visit your doctor right away.

Long Term Control

The best way to deal with constipation is by avoidance. A diet that includes plenty of fibre (what they used to call roughage) will keep your elimination system working right. Lots of fruit, vegetables and whole grains is the easiest way to achieve this; peas, beans, lentils and celery are particularly good sources of fibre.

If you don’t eat fruit and vegetables, you won’t just be missing out on the important fibre that keeps your digestive system in the best of health, but also essential nutrients that are difficult to get any other way.

Lack of fruit and veg is also linked to some types of cancer, so it’s best to make sure to eat plenty on a regular basis. Laxatives may relieve the situation in the short term, but, like any other medication resorted to for long periods, their effect will gradually reduce, leaving you back where you started, but without a solution. There are also other health implications resulting from overuse of laxatives.

Clay_SoilIf you’ve ever had to garden on clay, you’ll know how hard it gets. The solution is to add fibrous humous, which over time turns it into more usable soil. The same sort of thing happens in the gut when you eat more fibre, only thankfully the process is a lot quicker. An alternative for people who can’t eat fruit and vegetables is to add fibre in some other form. Traditionally this would probably have been wheat bran, but psyllium husks, chia seeds and baobab powder are more recent introductions.

For each 100g, wheat bran provides 15g fibre, chia seeds 34g, baobab powder 47g, and psyllium husks 67g soluble and 33g insoluble fibre! The fibre helps to absorb excess liquid and also bulks out the stool, making it softer and easier to eliminate.

It’s important to drink plenty of water along with any fibre supplement. For example, you might take 1-2 tsp psyllium husks stirred into a large glass of water once or twice a day (you can also mix it into a smoothie or other drink). If you have an ongoing problem with constipation, it’s a good idea to start off with about half the maximum dose, and reduce or increase it until you find the right level for you.

Keep your fibre levels high and you need never worry about constipation ever again.

Quick Fix

LAXPure Rapid Capsules
Aloe Vera Juice (Unflavoured)
Cascara Sagrada capsules

Milder Solutions

Cleansing Herbs, *Cleansing Herb tablets
Col-Flush VegecapsCol-Flush Ultra Capsules
Consti-Cleanse Extreme Powder
Oxy Kalm Cleanser Vegecaps
Oxy Powder Capsules
various Liquorice products
Manna Fig Syrup, Organic

*These products cannot be supplied to customers in the USA.

Long Term Control

Baobab powder
Chia seeds


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