Corsican Mint health benefits: for headache, fever and indigestion

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Corsican mint makes good ground cover

Corsican mint makes good ground cover

Originally published on Herbal Medicine from Your Garden

A native of Europe, particularly Italy, Sardinia and Corsica, Corsican mint (Mentha requienii) is a very low growing plant which creeps to spread over an area around 50cm (20 inches) in diameter. This makes it useful for ground cover, but as it self-seeds readily, it can become invasive. Give it a place in the sun, although it will not mind being shaded for part of the day. It may die off in hard winters, but new plants will most likely appear in the spring.

Corsican mint has a strong peppermint aroma which is offensive to rodents, and it was often used in the past as a strewing herb in the places where it is native. It’s also used for tea, and in salad.

Corsican mint is another member of the mint family which is considered to be unsuitable during pregnancy in large amounts, or as a herbal remedy.

You can use a standard infusion (3-4 teaspoonfuls of fresh or 1-2 teaspoonfuls of dried leaves to 1 cup of boiling water – allow to stand for about 10 minutes and strain before use) to reduce temperature in fevers, for headaches and digestive complaints.

Like all herbs, it’s important that Corsican mint grown for use as a herbal remedy is not treated with chemicals, but grown organically. This is to ensure that high levels of noxious chemicals are not administered along with the remedy. To find out more about growing organic Corsican mint, visit the Gardenzone.


Essential oil of Corsican mint is antiseptic, but it is also toxic in large amounts.

As with all essential oils, Corsican mint essential oil should never be taken internally, even though you may see this recommended elsewhere. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can cause permanent damage if used in this way, even if you think you have diluted them. Be safe and use them as intended, in massage blends and diffusers, and keep them out of the reach of children at all times.

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