Guest Posts

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Since I’ve been getting several offers of guest posts, I thought I’d set out the criteria for acceptance here.

I take guest posts, subject to the following criteria:

  1. Posts at a minimum of 500 words.
  2. Must not be spun. Must not be used elsewhere either in its original form or spun.
  3. Must be unique to this site and accurate. If about herbs or essential oils, botanical detail is essential.
  4. Must be about a health-related subject, not pure beauty (it’s a site about health), not green issues. Main topics are Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Clean Eating, Superfoods, Gluten Intolerance (and other food intolerance), generic products (not branded products) related to same. Recipes for healthy food or remedies or instructions for making something useful like herb pillows or wax melts (these are just examples) would also be great.
  5. You can have one link in an author box at the end. The link must be to a reputable site (not a “thin affiliate” or similar).
  6. All articles will be checked and approved or rejected. Accuracy, correct grammar and spelling (UK or US English) are part of the criteria.
  7. Try and avoid writing about a herb or oil already covered, unless it’s a post about multiple remedies, or a stunning new discovery (there are 2 articles on garlic, because they keep finding new things it’s good for. This is pretty much exceptional).
If you think you have something that fits these criteria, please let me see it. I don’t guarantee to accept it, of course, but I will definitely consider it.

If you’d like to supply a post, please contact me here