Olive oil in aromatherapy

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Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree Olea europaea, which has been cultivated since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The oil has been used in cooking and beauty preparations since it was first cultivated.

Olive oil is sometimes used as a carrier oil, but more often as a carrier oil additive. In either case, you should choose olive oil of cosmetic grade, which has been selected to be less…

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections and Cystitis

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) (usually called cystitis in the UK)  is a painful reminder that when nature’s system of excreting liquid from our body goes awry, it makes everyone very uncomfortable.

UTIs happen when pathogens (usually E.coli bacteria) get into the urethra (the tube along which urine passes out of the body from the bladder). There are various ways this infection can occur, but whatever the cause the result is the same – pain and misery.

The bacteria attach to the walls of the urethra and bladder. Left untreated the infection may travel farther up the urinary system all the way to…

Bilberries are a wild relative of the blueberry

Bilberry health benefits: for circulation and eye health

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The bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus syn. V. m. oreophilum, V. oreophilum and V. yatabei), is also known as blaeberry (mainly in Scotland), dwarf bilberry, European blueberry, whinberry or whortleberry. It’s closely related to various blueberries, cranberries and some huckleberries.


Bilberries grow on a deciduous shrub which reaches a height of about 20cm (8in) and a spread of 30cm (1ft), prefering moderate shade and moist soil, though it will tolerate…


Announcing Frann’s Alt.Health Shop

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I’m pleased to announce that my new online shop, Frann’s Alt.Health Shop is now open for business.

In actual fact, the shop opened on 1 November, but now I’ve added loose herbs, herbal teas and blends, remedies and lots more. I hope you like it.

Why not take a look at my range of herbs and herbal teas or remedies right now?

I’m really excited about this new venture 🙂 I hope you…

Natural Herbal Remedies for a Sore Throat

The best sore throat remedy is speed.

I’m not talking about an illegal substance. What I mean is, as soon as you get the first little symptoms: that scratchy feeling in your throat, a slight soreness that’s barely noticeable, that is the best time to act.

Most sore throats (80%) are caused by a virus, and there isn’t much a doctor can do for you because antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections. Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them may give you diarrhea,…

Constipation Remedies for Quick Relief and Long Term Control

Although constipation is something people don’t generally talk about, and may even be the subject of humour, it’s no joke. Mild constipation is easily dealt with, but severe blockage (or faecal impaction) can be dangerous and if you can’t sort it out, will require urgent medical attention.

Links to all the recommended remedies are at the end.

If you’re suffering from acute severe constipation, you don’t have time to add enough fibre to deal with it in the long term (that’s for later), and you absolutely have to…

The best cough remedies for chesty and tickly coughs

There are many potential causes for coughing, so the first step is to find out exactly what is causing it. For example, coughs can result from allergy, asthma, acid reflux, overly-dry air, and smoke or other air pollution (including self-inflicted smoke from cigarettes).

Assuming that none of these causes are present (or there’s been no change), but you have started to cough a lot recently, then it’s likely that you have a chest infection of some kind, either viral (most likely) or bacterial.


Announcing Favourites and a 10% discount

I’m really excited to be able to announce my new Favourites system.

This lets you (and me) save the things you’d like to buy at some point whether for a gift, or just for your own use.

Your favourites will show up in every list of products with a pretty purple heart. Items you haven’t favourited have a grey heart. Just click on the heart on any item to add or remove that item from your favourites. It’s maybe a little hard to see on the…

The thorn apple flower is decidedly weird

Thorn Apple health benefits: for asthma and Parkinson’s disease

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The Thorn Apple (Datura stramonium syn. D. inermis, D.s. var. chalybea, D.s. var. tatula and D. tatula) is also known as angel’s trumpet, devil’s trumpet, false castor oil, jimson/jamestown weed, man tuo luo, moonflower and purple thorn apple. It is not related to the castor oil plant or other plants called moonflower (all of which are in different families, both to it and to each other). It is in…

Aromatherapy Massage: The Perfect Gift For That Special Someone

No matter what the occasion may be, an aromatherapy massage makes a brilliant gift for that special someone in your life. It is one of the best presents that you could ever give them! So, why not pamper yourself and your partner with a memorable aromatherapy massage on your anniversary, or some other special occasion? It also makes the perfect date setting: romantic, intimate and luxurious. But, that’s not all. Aromatherapy brings with it many other benefits, which include:

Relieves Stress

Aromatherapy massage is an…