Guest Post: 7 Foods Your Teeth Will Thank You For Eating

We all have a pretty clear image of what foods are bad for your teeth. Steer away from fizzy juice, take a break with the caramel chews, and cut out the coffee. We’re sure none of these are news to you.

However, what a lot of people forget to mention is that there are lots of foods that will help you maintain a good healthy oral hygiene.

In this guest blog, we’ll have a look at 7 superfoods that are great for your teeth. They help keep your teeth strong, fight off cavities, keep your breath fresh, and the last but certainly not least – they are pretty damn tasty!


Strawberries truly are a super berry, and oh my are they tasty.

The red juicy berry is filled with antioxidants and packed with vitamin C. And not only are they healthy, they naturally exfoliate your mouth and help remove tartar.

So next time you’re wanting a sugary snack, or you’re looking through the cupboards for that piece of chocolate that you know is there – think strawberries instead.


First let’s get one thing straight, when we say tea – we’re referring to black and green teas, not your sugar boasted breakfast tea. The two kinds of tea contain a compound called polyphenols. Polyphenols helps slow the growth of bacteria, which ultimately means fewer cavities.

Researchers at University of Illinois found that in their tea-riffic study, people who rinsed black tea for one minute, ten times a day, had less plaque compared to people who rinsed with water.

Now, rinsing your mouth in tea ten times a day might seem a little over the top, maybe cut back the coffee and carbonated drinks and brew some tea instead.


As with tea, we’re talking about the natural kind of yogurt – no sugars added.

Natural yogurt and yogurt with no added sugar is full of calcium and protein, both of which help your teeth stay healthy.

Helping to create a healthy balance in your mouth as well as in your tummy, yogurt is a great addition to your diet.


Perhaps you’re surprised to see almonds on the list? It’s no secret that we were.

The chewy nuts are great for your oral hygiene. Boasted with calcium and protein, and low in sugar – the nuts offer all the benefits that yogurt does but are a little more versatile.

Oh and not to mention they’re yummy, and provide a great midday snack!

Sugar-free gum

As you chew gum, you produce more saliva. The increased saliva production brings the pH balance back to normal quicker.

On top of speeding up your pH recuperation after meals and acidic drinks, a piece of gum can be a refreshing touch and maybe even keep you awake if you’re struggling with post- lunch blues.


Drinking water regularly throughout the day doesn’t just keep you hydrated and healthy, but it helps wash away food from in between your teeth.

It’s most likely no surprise to you that water works miracles, but do yourself a favour and fill that re-usable bottle and make sure you get your ~1.5 litres at least a day.

Water will keep you hydrated and improve your oral health.


Last but not least, celery. People often have a love/hate relationship with this strangely textured veg.

While celery isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no denying the positive effects that the green sticks bring to the table.

The stringy strands that make up celery work a little like a toothbrush. They help scrape the food off your teeth, get in between your tight dentures and just generally help keep your oral hygiene in tip top shape.

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