Weight Loss: Low Fat or Low Carb?

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The Guardian published this article

I don’t usually do this, but an article in the Guardian which I’ve just read is so important that I need to bring it to your attention.

The article in question is The sugar conspiracy by Ian Leslie. It describes how the nutritional science establishment suppressed evidence over many years to promote the idea that cholesterol and high fat content in the diet was the major cause of obesity.

The result of this was that official dietary advice since the 1970s has advocated a low fat, high carbohydrate diet as being good for health. Since that time, obesity levels have rocketed.

There has been a great deal of scientific research recently which backs up the work done by the eminent nutritionist of the ’70s, John Yudkin, who was a lone voice disputing the idea that fat in the diet was the cause of obesity, and was comprehensively and thoroughly destroyed as a result.

Even today, nutritionists, far from pursuing an open spirit of enquiry as might be expected of a supposedly science-based profession, will refuse even to share a platform with anybody who disputes the “high fat leads to obesity” orthodoxy which they’ve been inflicting on us for so many years.

Read the article. It’s long, but the twists and turns are interesting enough that it kept me enthralled right to the end.

And when you’ve finished reading it, if you’ve been trying and failing to lose weight on a low fat diet, consider swapping to a high fat, low carb diet instead, which at least has the advantage of some scientific evidence behind it, rather than the propaganda of Big Food and vested interests in the scientific community.

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